Friday, September 29, 2006

Finished Object Friday

The bandwagon is Gina's. I'm just hopping on it. My FOs for the year:

In picture order (not necessarily finished order)
1. A scarf for the big guy, done in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, in his favorite color, red. I used this pattern from the Blue Blog.
2. My first Jaywalkers. Done in Knit Picks Sock Garden, Star Gazer Lily
3. My very first sweater for the baby girl. The pattern was the Buttons Cardigan from Cabin Fever, the yarn was Sidar Snuggly. It was a very easy beginner project.
4. Cropped racing back tank for the baby girl in Debbie Bliss Cotton Denim, my own pattern.
5. Socks in STR Jade. My own pattern.
6. The Angel Baby Sweater from Oat Couture. Done in Knit Picks Elegance (baby alpaca and silk blend). This sweater was a quick knit and there's (practically) no finishing!
7. The Wallaby for the big guy - no hood. Done in a cashmere/ merino blend in red of course.
8. Socks of Doom!! Pattern from Yarn Monkey done in Heirloom easy care wool.
9. Another pair of Jaywalkers in merino tencel hand dyed by Gina.
10. Red socks for the boy in Silja superwash
11. STR ribbed socks in Sherbet, gifted to my sister, who totally doesn't deserve them.
12. Cute little seed stitch hat from Vogue Hats Too, in a cotton/ wool orphan ball of yarn - no label.
13. Back view of the racer-back tank
14. Lone ribbed sock from self-striping yarn that Gina dyed.
15. Two different Jaywalkers, one an ebay merino the other Lorna's laces layette.
16. Perdita, my first beaded project.

I feel like it should be more.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

City Knitters

I'm a couple of days late with my synopsis of the Boston Knit-Out (and Crochet Too!). Sunday morning I headed up to Barnes & Noble to pick up two of my fellow Manchvegans, Gigi and Lora, and we hit the highway for the big city. We got there about 15 minutes before it officially opened, but we were able to scope out all the vendors' tables and get some sweet swag.

Our pal Gigi won the fastest hooker contest:

We met up with a couple more from our group, Ericka and Chris and we all enjoyed the fashion show, show and tell, and keynote speakers. We all then headed up to Windsor Button, which I was delighted to learn was open. I didn't get too much, some pretty baby alpaca brush for a scarf and of course sock yarn.

We finally had our fill of yarn shopping and headed off to an early dinner at a wonderful pub that Ericka suggested. It was a wonderful day and I'm already looking forward to next year's.

In Sock Wars news, I've officially made my first kill. The oh-so-gracious and sweet Jamie has received her socks of doom and has sent to me her target's information. I'll be receiving her socks-in-progress within the next day or two, and hopefully I can kill another before my death package arrives (any day now). I'm living on borrowed time here.

And finally, Gina tagged me, so here goes, seven songs I'm hearting right now:

1. "Especially in Michigan" Red Hot Chili Peppers off Stadium Arcadium
My favorite song from my favorite CD
2. "Severed Hand" Pearl Jam, Self titled
3. "Caring is Creepy" The Shins, Oh, Inverted World
4. "Young Pilgrims" The Shins again, Chutes too narrow
5. "Trouble" Coldplay, Parachutes
6. "Blackbird" Beatles, The White Album
7. "Four of Two" They Might Be Giants, No!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Doom on you!

Well not you you, unless of course you're Jaime reading my blog trying to determine where I am in my sock knitting.

Check it:


I really hope she likes them. I think if I had to do it all over again, I'd probably pick a self striping or variegated yarn. The blue is beautiful in person, and it is washable wool, but miles of ribbing in a solid color yarn is a bit boring.

So here's my dilemma, do I email my target with the tracking information tauntingly, or do I say nothing and let her wonder when she'll perish? What would you do?

Edited to add:
My assassin just emailed me to tell me that my socks are on the way. I think I'll be nice enough to my target to do the same, that and to give her the heads-up that she'll be sending the socks directly to my assassin. War is Hell!


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hedera Update

Hedera heel done:

I was a bit confused with the directions for the heel flap, it seemed a bit too long at the time. Now that the gussets are coming along I can see Cookie's genius. The longer heel flap works beautifully and makes for a sexy ankle. I am digging the yarn, Wildfoote by Brown Sheep Co. It's a bit thinner than I normally go for, but the color was such a pretty soft pink that I couldn't resist. I was going to try to finish these before Sock War starts tomorrow, but I don't see how that's going to happen. Hopefully the sock war pattern will not be too taxing, and I'll annihilate my target swiftly and painlessly.

I also have completed another tote, with a coordinating sock bag:

I love this sock bag, I almost kept it for myself.

Just a peek, I will be posting the pattern for this sock sometime soon.

Til then, wish me luck in the Sock Wars! Ta.


Friday, September 15, 2006


If you’ve ever owned a dog, you know what happens when you first let them out of the house after being cooped up all day; they have this sappy expression of sheer dopey doggie joy and just dash from thing to thing sniffing and licking and turning back to you as if to say, “isn’t life wonderful?” That pretty much sums up my inner crafter lately. I am doing more planning and purchasing than actual knitting. I just want to do so many things that I'm not settling down to do any of them. I haven’t yet finished the leg on the Hedera socks yet:

and already I’m thinking of the socks to make with this yarn.

Although I do have these lovely hand warmers to show off:

I took this picture with the camera tucked under my chin. Don’t pretend you’re not impressed.

In action at knitting:

Super crafty Heather dyed this awesome sport weight superwash merino, it’s called Goody Gumdrops and it’s wonderful. So soft and perfect for hand warmers. I have plenty left over to make some socks for baby girl.

In case you were wondering, here’s the recipe:
Sport weight yarn (I think I used about 1.5 oz)
Size US3 needles – double point, magic loop, whatever does it for you

Cast on 48 stitches, join round.
K2, P2 ribbing for approximately 3.5 inches. At the start of the next round, knit 8 stitches in ribbing pattern onto a scrap of contrasting waste yarn, slip back to left needle and knit again, this time using working yarn. Continue in rib until the desired length, bind off.

Now go back and carefully remove the scrap of waste yarn and put the resulting 15 (7 top, 8 bottom) stitches on the needles. Attach yarn and knit in 2x2 rib, pick up two stitches on the left side and three on the right side to close the gaps (work these odd stitches in 1x1 rib). Work for 8 rounds and bind off loosely. Weave in ends and enjoy your warm hands.

Whew. Now I’m off to buy more patterns for stuff I’ll never get around to knitting. Ta!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Take two, they're small

Yup, we were all correct in assuming that a 50g ball of yarn does not a pair of socks make. The Yarnmonkey frogged the Sock Wars prototype sock and measured it out to be 160 meters. Each of my 50g balls is 98m. Thankfully I had the foresight to buy two 50g balls of yarn. I'm just relieved we're not knitting a pair of footies.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sock Wars - Weapon of Choice

I've amassed my artillery (i.e. needles and yarn) for the Sock Wars slated to begin on the 22nd. I was a bit put off at first of the needle size (US5) and yarn gauge (DK), and I'm still a bit confused as to how I'm going to get a pair of socks from 50g of yarn, but I have accepted the Monkey's terms and will go bravely into sock knitting battle. It probably won't be a long battle, but it will certainly be interesting.

Also, I've cast on for a pair of Hedera in wildefoot sock because I wanted me some pink lacy socks. Sweet, no?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thanks, Mom

As I was waiting for the first-day-of-school bus with my clean and shinning five-year-old I thought back to my very own first day of school. We lived about three blocks away from school and the building housed grades K-6. The only thing I actually remember was my mom's outfit. Why, I don't know. She was wearing (remember this was the 70s) a denim pantsuit with a huge butterfly applique on the back. I remember looking at her retreating backside and that stupid butterfly thinking, are you really going to leave me here? I remember crying.

My son did not cry. He left us with barely a look back, happy as anything to be riding the bus by himself. I only hope that it will be as easy four years from now with baby girl.

While I waited on that first day for the bus to drop him safely back home, I finished the jaywalkers in Gina's awesome merino/ tencel yarn. She really is too good to me.

Completed Jaywalkers:
Date Started: 23 August
Date Completed: 4 September
Pattern: Jaywalker
Yarn: Gina's Hand painted "Good 'n Plenty"

I will leave you with a tiny taste of Goody Gumdrops, a delightful self-striping rainbow merino in sport weight that Awesome Heather dyed. Watch out when she puts up some more fingering weight, there's going to be a stampede.000_2499

Monday, September 04, 2006

Farewell Summer, Hello School!

Happy Labor Day '06, the unofficial end of summer. Tomorrow this little guy:

Starts kindergarten. In the blink of an eye, they go from tiny little wonders to independent five-year-olds who won't even hold your hand while you wait for the bus.

I will not cry. (until the bus turns the corner).

At least the other one is still a baby.

Meet Tony:

I've never seen a hawk outside of a zoo before today. I was sitting at my computer when I noticed this huge bird fly by the window and land on a tree in my side yard. He sat there for a good ten minutes, long enough to notify the hubby and kids, who all got a good look. Oh, and of course long enough to take a few photos and name him. After a while he just pooped and took off.

I'll have some crafty stuff to share tomorrow, if I'm not too much of an emotional wreck.