Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Holiday in Pictures

Christmas was wonderful, I'm glad it's done. Forgive the picture-intensive post, I'm working on 2.25 hours of sleep.

My tree on Christmas morning:

Notice there are no ornaments on the bottom third of the tree? Some people have cats, I have the Girl.

The Girl and my mom on Christmas Eve:

The Boy opening some new GBA games:

He's happy:

And, what he looked like the rest of the day:

The girl was pretty much overwhelmed:

But soon got into a party mood:

Knitting content next time, I promise.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Six weird things and an FO

First of all, I've been tagged by Julie with an interesting and thought-provoking meme, list six weird things about yourself. I really didn't think I was that weird at all until I started to think of weird things, now I think I'm a total fruit-loop. Here goes:

1. I sing ALL THE TIME. At the store, to my kids, on the phone. Just all the time. And my voice is not all that great.
2. I talk to myself. Again, usually at the store, thinking out loud.
3. I pick up stuff with my feet. I'm actually pretty good at this.
4. I'm afraid of balloons. Not the mylar kind, the latex. Something about the feel of them, well they're just gross.
5. I dance around the kitchen when making dinner.
6. I can recite Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" verbatim. This was my favorite poem in junior high school. I still know it by heart.

Weird, huh? Okay, so part of this meme is you need to tag six others to do it, so Lora, Gigi, ErickaJo and three other people who want to, go ahead.

My finished object this week is this lovely Lady hat. Gina spun this gorgeous cashmere that I just had to have. Isn't she pretty? I wish you could feel it, it's so soft and beautiful. (BTW, it's adult sized, The Girl is just the model.)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Because everybody loves a scarf.

Bejeweled Knitalong

Lolly is hosting an informal knitalong for anyone who purchases a Bejeweled scarf pattern. Buy before December 31 and Shobhana will donate a portion of the $2.25 purchase price to The Dulaan Project. I bought mine! Now to find the perfect yarn...

Speaking of scarves, I finally finished my "My So Called Scarf" in Patons Soy Wool Stripes, pinks colorway. I love this pattern, so easy to memorize, and it makes a nice thick scarf.

Yay, scarves!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

My baby girl turns two today. I guess I can't call her "baby" anymore. Here she is two years ago:

And here she is yesterday modeling the finished Cozy Cardi:

Pattern: Cozy Cardi from After Dark, by Jil Eaton
Yarn used: Nashua Handknits Ivy, an alpaca and merino blend with a bit of sparkle. I only used two balls (137 yds each) for the smallest size. Super soft and perfect for any party girl.


Friday, December 08, 2006

Darn you Knitty. Darn you to heck.

Due to a fallen tree, I was without power for a good part of the day. Also offline since, my computer also uses electricity. Funny that. Anyway, when I was finally able to check my email, I discovered that THE NEW KNITTY IS UP!!!!!

There are at least four projects that I must knit. First of all, these are the cutest fair isle mittens, and they look easy. Cookie has a new sock pattern, there is a pattern for the Sexiest. Sweater. Ever. Also, the Baby Girl really, really, really needs Twinkletoes to go with some of her new "tintess" outfits that the Mother-in-Law is sending.

Speaking of tintesses, I didn't finish the Cozi Cardi yet. I am so close. I just need to do two more inches of the collar. I just can't make myself pick it up right now. Must finish tonight.

Here's progress:

Monday, December 04, 2006

First snow

Well, technically not the first for me, since we experienced some flurries driving up to Grandview in November, but as the Boy and I waited for the bus, we spotted a few flurries, which of course, we tried catching on our tongues. Too few actual flakes to catch, but it was still Big Fun to try. I love this time with him. The husband gone to work for the day, the baby girl still sleeping. We play chase in the driveway and "I Spy". It's just five minutes until the bus gets there, but it's our five minutes.

The little joker turned to me and said, "my hands are cold" (while wearing the mittens I knitted for him this weekend), I asked "really?" and he said, "no, just kidding, I love my mittens". Even at five he understands the value of something hand knitted especially for him. Warms my heart.

The Pardi Cardi in on the needles. No pictures yet, as it's just a big square, but it's coming. I didn't find a mohair that I liked so I ended up with Nashua Handknits "Ivy" which is an alpaca/ merino blend with little sparkly fibers in it. Perfect for the little party girl. Hopefully I'll finish by Sunday, which is my extended family's holiday party. Cross your fingers for me!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Never enough

yarn, that is. Yup, finished a mitten with the leftover Mission Falls 1824 from the Boy's hat, went to start the second and there's no way I have enough of the main color to finish a pair. Oh well, a trip to the yarn store is in order.

I need some mohair to make this:

(Cozy Cardi from After Dark)
To go with Baby Girl's "tintess" dress. This child is the total opposite of what I was like as a child. I was the biggest tomboy you'd ever want to meet. Fought with the boys, scraped my knees, climbed trees, you name it. This child is a delicate sweet baby princess who freaks if her hands are the slightest bit dirty. We took this dress out of the closet to "try on" to make sure it fit for the Christmas pictures, party, whatever. Well that was on Monday. She wore that thing 'til bedtime, then first thing on Tuesday insisted on putting it on. Same thing Wednesday. Thursday morning we went to drop it off at the cleaners, since it had all manner of food on it, plus it was wet and gross. I handed it to the man at the counter and she lunged for it, getting into some weird tug-of-war with the guy, all the while screaming, "no, tintess dress on now!" This Is Not My Child. Seriously.