Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thanks, Mom

As I was waiting for the first-day-of-school bus with my clean and shinning five-year-old I thought back to my very own first day of school. We lived about three blocks away from school and the building housed grades K-6. The only thing I actually remember was my mom's outfit. Why, I don't know. She was wearing (remember this was the 70s) a denim pantsuit with a huge butterfly applique on the back. I remember looking at her retreating backside and that stupid butterfly thinking, are you really going to leave me here? I remember crying.

My son did not cry. He left us with barely a look back, happy as anything to be riding the bus by himself. I only hope that it will be as easy four years from now with baby girl.

While I waited on that first day for the bus to drop him safely back home, I finished the jaywalkers in Gina's awesome merino/ tencel yarn. She really is too good to me.

Completed Jaywalkers:
Date Started: 23 August
Date Completed: 4 September
Pattern: Jaywalker
Yarn: Gina's Hand painted "Good 'n Plenty"

I will leave you with a tiny taste of Goody Gumdrops, a delightful self-striping rainbow merino in sport weight that Awesome Heather dyed. Watch out when she puts up some more fingering weight, there's going to be a stampede.000_2499


Anonymous Gina House said...

Socks look totally super delicious on you...what a great mom you have! G : )

2:30 PM  

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